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Adamas: O Diamante Assassino
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de Syn
Set 19, 2022
16 of 16 episódios vistos
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No geral 8.0
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 8.5
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The show that keeps you guessing till the very end

This show is more of a mystery than a thriller. The plot moves like chess - where each character, yes even the side characters, has their own place on the board, and their motivations and arcs are interconnected.

As someone who will drop shows if I lose my patience watching, I didn't feel that at any point of this show I had to bear the plot to see what comes next. I was really worried when there were too many branches in the story there would be plot points being left behind, but the writer did a great job in balancing character arcs and motivations, while upping the stakes as the story progresses as more parties come into play.

Without going too much into it, there’s a point to having identical twins, I’m not too sure why there are reviews saying there’s not. It might not be the conventional way of using twins to tell a story, the way this show uses it is more on the subtext.

Ji Sung gave a splendid performance, as usual, each twin has their own nuances that are not too obvious nor too hidden. The weak links I’d say is Lee Soo Kyung, whose acting is just a tad boring, and Hwang Jung Min, who I find to be overacting most of the time. The rest of the cast gave a stellar performance, even the supporting roles.

The story will bring you to places, and you’ll have to allow it. The ending did fell flat for me, it’s obvious they are setting up for a sequel. I didn’t expect a happy ending where the bad guys are all defeated and the good guys win, but I’d hope the writer gave us a more concrete resolution. I have to remove half a star for the ending.

However, I did not regret going through the show as I love a logical story that I don’t have to constantly suspend my disbelief to make it make sense. The writer's vision is Clear, even though they got a bit ambitious at the ending. If you like realistic stories with depth, or if you are someone who likes to guess the plot or come up with your own theories while watching shows (and not be mad when it didn't turn out the way you expected), you’ll get a kick out of watching the show.

PS: I do think this show is probably more suitable as a binge-watch, which is what I did right after it finished airing. Some parts of the plot can be a bit slow (that’s what the fast forward button is for) and they don’t really leave a high point/hook at the end of each episode like usual shows do, which I personally think is the reason why this show didn’t have a great reception during its airing.

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