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Currently In A Drama Hiatus


Currently In A Drama Hiatus

Just my space where i keep track of my watched/to be watched kdramas. I'm living the 김정현 & 신혜선 appreciation life. Chaseul from "From Now On Showtime" and chaotic enemies to lovers royal power couple Cheoljong & Kim So-Yong from Mr. Queen have my whole heart and will live forever rent-free in my head, as well as the two dramas in general.

My "On Hold" list is basically my "I-will-watch-it later-when-i-am-in-the-right- mood-for-the- drama-" list. Those shows will get still watched in time, someday. Into my dropped dramas list only land the shows where the thought alone of picking them back up fills me with existential dread since they bored me to tears. Thus good riddance, lol. Dramas with 0/xx episode count on my current watching list are queued up to be watched next in line.

While I have some C-dramas on my PTW list, I focus solely on watching/catching up on Korean dramas atm as it also helps me with immersion for language learning purpose. Lacking a nostalgia google since I started watching kdrama late in 2021, i have zero interest in Kdramas pre 2013 bc they lack the production, acting and story quality of modern shows, imo. My late interest in Kdramas probably also explains why I don't understand Second Male Lead Syndrome. I never get it and are always team ML, because in the more recent dramas they are written way better than... idk, in the abusive, toxic shitfest that is Boys Over Flowers, for example.

I prefer romance, comedy, fantasy and historical over thriller, horror or similar serious topics as a genre, because IRL is already grim enough. I usually stay away from dramas without romance unless the story/characters are good enough. I don't watch BL either. Give me a well-balanced genre mix in a drama and i am bound to be entertained instead of bored. There is a reason why Mr. Queen, FNOS, Crazy Love, Vincenzo and Dali And The Cocky Prince are all under my all time faves, as they all have that in common. 


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