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Deep Night thai drama review
Deep Night
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by blackphillip
Mai 6, 2024
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A fun ride but very shallow

Like any other work by this director more focused on an adult and hot narrative, Deep Night is a series that succeeds in bringing beautiful and charismatic actors, an interesting plot and excellent kiss scenes. But it also has the same defects: a poor script, a development full of plot holes and simplistic resolutions. Oh, and let's not forget the excess of kissing scenes inserted to resolve any conflict in the plot.

I like the story and the potential it has, but it's all thrown in here. The character who suffers most from this is Khem. He is introduced as a rich, arrogant man who hates his mother's club (for reasons that the series does not explore in depth), but all of this is put aside after seeing a performance by Wella. There is no development of his arrogant personality for him acting in a kind way, there is no development of his relationship with his mother and the club. Things happen from one scene to another without the slightest narrative logic.

But what bothers me is how nothing has any impact on the plot. Khem discovering that Wella is a host. Pan finding out about Khem and Wella working at the club. Wella finding out about Khem's mother. His mother finding out they broke the no-dating rule. The hosts discovering Khem and Wella's secret relationship. NONE, absolutely none of this has any impact on the story.

And this becomes very evident at the end when the whole problem with the police is magically resolved with an event where they do the same thing they always do in the club performances. The series tries to open up a conversation about hosts and prostitution, but none of the characters or the plot really manage to address this in the slightest.

It's as if the series is ashamed or afraid to associate itself with the term prostitution.

Another point that I find unbearable is this problem with the police. It's repetitive, there's no sense of danger, the person behind it doesn't matter in the plot and it's a bit stupid to think that the police will keep going to the club every time they receive the same complaint and find nothing.

The same happens when Khem records videos for the internet with the hosts, but later the plot has Wella having problems with his mother and college because of his work. It doesn't make sense for him to hide this and show his face doing tiktok videos for the club (not to mention the countless scenes of costumers recording his face)

Finally, the infamous trisal between Japan, Seiji and Ken. In theory I think it's incredible, but the execution was terrible. It's not like the 3 of them have feelings for one another, they just stay together because Seiji is unable to choose one.

And it's a huge waste, it's a plot that could have been used to build something so interesting. But again, like every other narrative here, everything is resolved in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

It's an easy series to watch, the characters are great, but the development is very precarious. There was a lack of courage in creating a more dynamic plot, better constructed and with a bolder script.
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