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Pit Babe thai drama review
Pit Babe
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by blackphillip
Abr 25, 2024
13 of 13 episódios vistos
No geral 6.0
História 4.0
Atuação/Elenco 7.0
Musical 7.0
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I confess that I have never read nor am I interested in Omegaverse stories, so Pit Babe was a series that I had a lot of resistance to start with. The plot itself has something interesting. The actors are charismatic and have a lot of chemistry, but the development of the story doesn't work.

There are two series here. The first half is a racing series and the second half is a fantasy thriller. But this whole plot involving fantasy is absurdly flawed.

There is no worldbuilding here. The series does not explain or explore what an Alpha, an Omega or an Enigma is. The story also doesn't care about the repercussions or impacts that beings with powers would have on the world.

The villain and his motivations are so caricatured that he doesn't convince me (he spends the entire series beating Kenta and telling him to bring his "children" home without ever taking any action other than sabotaging race cars) and the entire plot is sustained by kissing scenes, poor dialogue, an excess of unnecessary characters and easy resolutions.

Practically everyone here is Chen's adopted son. And when you realize the number of "children" he let run away from his house it just makes this whole arc of his persecution lame.

The characters are very shallow and don't have much to offer. The one who suffers most from this is Charlie, whose only personality is to smile and run after Babe. Even their relationship happens so unnaturally and quickly that it becomes dull. They have good chemistry, but there is no construction of their relationship.

Babe starts the series saying that his powers are everything to him, but he has no reaction when he discovers that Charlie stole them. Another highlight here is Charlie's fake death. It's a very impactful scene, but the whole revelation of the "plan" is anticlimactic and the reason for it is simply stupid.

There is potential in the plot, but it never arrives. It's a simple story that they try to sell as a thrilling action fantasy. But we never see the usefulness of these powers and the whole plan to defeat the villain is by exposing his crimes and exchanging gunfire.

There is no threat or sense of urgency here. It's not like the villain were about to do something terrible that they need to act immediately. Every time a character is arrested he escapes in the simplest way possible. There are no real repercussions for anything they do a the action scenes are shamefully directed.

And the most impressive thing of all is how a high-budget series like this has terrible cinematography. There is not a single beautiful shoot here. A shaky camera, bland lighting and ugly framing is all we have.

And let's not forget the plot twists. One worse than the other. Charlie's secret intentions at the beginning? Tedious. Way revelation as an Enigma? It serves no purpose in the plot other than creating drama. Charlie's fake death? More drama. Kenta and Pete's relationship? It's there for a reason that only the screenwriters know.

And Way's death? Another failed attempt to create an emotional scene that doesn't work because there was no reason for him to throw himself in front of the bullets.

It's a series that doesn't know whether it wants to be a hot racing drama or an action series with powerful beings. Weak characters, amateur cinematography, a script full of conveniences and poor world and plot construction.

It had the potential to be an incredible series, but it falls into a lazy narrative, without really daring to create a different and bold plot. It's a little too long to be good entertainment, but it's not a difficult series to watch if you don't care about the script.
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