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Close Friend Season 3: Soju Bomb! thai drama review
Close Friend Season 3: Soju Bomb!
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by blackphillip
Abr 18, 2024
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Fun but not a BL

It's a very good series. It has great characters, a fun plot that is different from the other two seasons of this anthology series and here the production is excellent and delivers quality acting, script and cinematography.

However, it is not a BL. And that's the biggest problem with this series. They create situations in some episodes and imply that Earth and Best could be a couple or that Win and Dunk will be a secondary couple, but in the end nothing happens and the series only presents heterosexual relationships.

It's frustrating - and disrespectful - the studio's strategy of using the name Close Friends (which is a BL franchise) and promoting the series as a BL only to deceive and attract BL fans to a series that doesn't even have a bromance or romance scenes.

Personally speaking, I believe that the plot would be much more interesting with a romance between Earth and Best, since both have an enemy to lovers construction.

Despite that, it's a good series, has great scenes and presents a fun story. I love the characterization of the characters and how each of them has a distinct style and personality.

But if you're looking for a BL, you won't find it here. Just like My Strawberry Film, here they also talk about being LGBTQIA+ but in a brief and shallow way and that's all you get.
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