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Hey ~ I've been a Kdrama fan since I was in the 7th grade (which was around 2010) and my first one was You're Beautiful. It was recommended by an ex friend of mine. After that, I fell in the Kdrama rabbit hole. My first Taiwanese drama was In Time With You and I soon fell down that rabbit hole too. Later, I found myself watching dramas around Asia (mostly Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean) until I saw recomendations for a Filipino/Pinoy drama called On The Wings of Love and I don't regret it. Since then, I've seen some other Filipino movies like She's Dating a Gangster and Diary of an Ugly (which stars the same couple as OTWOL). Since OTWOL, I've been a huge fan of the love team JaDine. They're so real #ReeltoReal. My first Thai drama is the Thai version of Playful Kiss (Kiss Me) and I'm also a huge fan of AoMike (Aom Sushar and Mike D. Angelo); I have also seen the first installment of the Kiss Me Series. 

I'm Vietnamese living in America and am also into cute things, babies, photo editing, Kpop - I'm multifandom - and other Asian pop music and am also a huge Pentaholic (as well as others such as Us the Duo) and you can look me up on Kpop Amino and Kdrama Amino - I make great blogs about movies and dramas from all around Asia so go take a look if you want some recommendations outside of the stuff you're used to. Other Aminos I'm on are Jpop, Cpop, Asian Music and Vpop Amino. You can also find me on Genius (click here to go to my profile).

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