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Love in the Air thai drama review
Love in the Air
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by ashesinthewind
Nov 30, 2022
13 of 13 episódios vistos
No geral 9.5
História 7.0
Atuação/Elenco 9.0
Musical 8.0
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I look up to the Sky

This is just a review and rating of the story of Sky and Prapai, i.e. the second part of the series (from the last 10 minutes of episode 7 to the end). I normally don't review or rate things I didn't like, so if I had rated the series as a whole, the rating would be lower. Payu and Rain didn't do it for me and I was done with them after episode 4. I have to say that I enjoyed Noeul's acting very much and I liked Rain, but mostly when he was not with Payu.

Sky was my absolute favourite from the moment I saw the trailer and that didn't change until the end, in fact I watched mainly for him and he and Peat are the reason for the high rating. Sky was the most nuanced and interesting character considering his backstory and the way he dealt with it. At the beginning, he's seen only as Rain's sassy best friend and he seems confident and direct, but also very loyal and always ready to help. When the series progress and we get the chance to know him better, he becomes more vulnerable and insecure, but at the same time, he is and remains the strongest character of the four mains, considering the trauma he's been living with for so long without telling anyone and without feeling like he can trust anyone with it. I was very impressed with Peat's performance, because the role of Sky was the hardest to play and he delivered.

I was very also impressed with Prapai's development from a selfish, careless rich asshole (I'm borrowing the term Sky used to describe him the night they met) to the most faithful, loving, caring partner you can imagine. Fort did great, especially in the last two episodes. For me, the highlight of the season was episode 11, and not only because of the most romantic NC scene I'd seen in a while. I don't remember the last time I thought a couple looked so good together on screen. :) They are both very attractive and just match well and I bought that they are deeply in love just from them looking at each other.

Sadly, I feel that the last episode was rushed and they should've given the Sky and Prapai story at least one episode more to concentrate on Sky's trauma and healing properly. To me, they delevoped the love story exactly as they should have, the pacing was right, and we could see Sky gradually fall in love and trust Pai (Prapai himself was a goner pretty much when they met, he just didn't know it ;), but they didn't give enough time to show Sky recovering from his past with Pai's help. Having found a devoted and adoring boyfriend is a start, but not enough, and I wish they hadn't rushed the ending like that. The special episode was a gem anyway despite not mentioning how Sky was doing in that aspect, because sassy Sky was back and I'll just say it, the NC scene was so hot.

The sound was atrocious for the entire series, and there were several weird cuts in many of the epsides. To sum it up, the editing sucked, but the cinematography was good.

I've rewatched the Sky/Pai part of the season an embarrassing number of times and although I hated having to wait for them for almost 8 episodes, now I have to say I'm glad that the series was split like that, because I don't have to skip though any scenes in the episodes 8 - 13 to enjoy their story. It was a long wait, but it was worth it. Together with Akk and Aye and Mark and Vee, Sky and Prapai are in my top 3 favourite BL couples for this year.
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