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Hi, I'm Agnes, twenty something uni student from Poland.

I saw my first  Asian drama in 2016 (Flower Boy Next Door) but it actually wasn't until late 2017 that I watched the second one and eventually immersed in the world of Asian dramas, movies and music.  I'd appreciate you sending me recommendations :)

I fall hard for dramas with bold female leads like Ji-Won from Age of Youth.

Dramas themes I love: childhood friends to lovers, historical drama with plot twists, athletes facing a lot of hardships, time travelling, psychological.

You can also find me on viki.

First Korean drama: Flower Boy Next Door

First Korean movie: My Sassy Girl

First Japanese drama: Good Morning Call

First Japanese movie: From Me to You

First Chinese drama: A Love So Beautiful

First Chinese movie: So I Married an Anti-Fan

First Taiwanese drama: Moon River

First Taiwanese movie: 

First Thai drama: Love Next Door

First Thai movie: Love by Chance

If you want to stay connected send me an invite, we can talk our favourite dramas :)


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