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Jan 11, 2023
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I am on episode 15 at 51 minutes and 31 seconds and the FL is telling the ML that she is leaving. After he making a big deal of confessing her love to him and making him go along with her love bullshit. The ML even said everyone leaves. His uncle said it too but he went against his gut and experience for her. After this is when i decided to read spoilers and found this:

"Ok good movie BUT, The lead actress takes off leaving the boy behind then gets (and this is reason for question) no job offers to play music and has tough time making a living in city, so she decided to go back home, but, not because she loves the boy, that is part I can’t figure out, is she just coming back to play with him till a better job comes around? Plus the aunt leaving left questions to her future, just didn’t seem to fill out the final product..if someone has a better view on these issues please let me know..thanks"

Both are enough to make me drop this dumpster fire of a kdrama!

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Dez 13, 2022
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The best kdrama I have ever...

I just finished It's Okay To Not Be Okay one day ago and I decided to try watching something else. I ended up starting Move to Heaven but all I can think about is It's Okay To Not Be Okay. I think I might re-watch it even though I finished it yesterday! I am craving that feeling it gave me that Move To Heaven just isn't giving me.

I cried so hard for the entire last episode but cried hardest at the end! I watched it in a library and I was a sobbing mess with snot leaking out of my nose and tears pouring down my cheeks regardless of people being around.

The character development is amazing! The ML and FL have such amazing chemistry that you actually believe that they're in love! Not only did i cry for the entire last episode but I cried throughout the entire series. I also laughed, felt sad, angry, and everything in between!

What a beautiful story of two people who experienced trauma that lean on each other to get better and become better people! This will forever be my all time favorite series! I feel like it's equivalent to a drug! I am now chasing that feeling it gave me! It's definitely going to be hard to find something better than this! I doubt I ever will !

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