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Hello, let's be friends? = instagram @shihoxinhui /

It all started when I was a primary student when my younger cousin introduced the KPOP world to my sister and me with SNSD also known as Girls Generation. Which I fall in love with and became SONE. Then I started to watch K-dramas introduced by my mother who likes Actor Lee Min Ho, Actress Park Shin Hye, and Actor Hyun Bin. The first drama I watched was "You are beautiful", and "Secret Garden". I fall in love with watching romantic comedy genres and started to browse for similar and new genres to watch. I also fall in love with the drama OSTs and started to listen to them daily.

Then one day, my other brother introduced me to ANIME WORLD, where I am collecting many WAIFUs right now. I could not remember the very first anime I watched, but I remembered that he introduced to me a few of them, such as "Detective Conan", and "Pokemon". I then started to browse for a slice of life, romance, comedy, school life, and many other genres. Which somehow I had forgotten about KPOP all of a sudden when I was a secondary student, as I'm a person who gets absorbed into one deeply. I also love the anime openings a lot and streamed my favorite artist including LiSa, ASCA, Mai Kuraki, and more.

Suddenly in my 3rd or 4th year, my friends asked me to return to the KPOP WORLD, which I did, and of course, this time I managed to multi-love my KPOP, K-DRAMA, ANIME, and JPOP equally. I also love listening to CPOP and watching C-DRAMAs.

So basically I am someone who is a multi-culture lover. Hope I can be friends with y'all!!

P.S. Other than watching dramas, animes, I sometimes update information for my lovely actors and dramas on MDL. I also read novels, manhwa, manga, and webtoons!!


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