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my bed, watching dramas


my bed, watching dramas
Voice korean drama review
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by nekodesu
Mar 18, 2021
9 of 16 episódios vistos
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Musical 8.0
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If Kdramas had a cinemasins, the sin count would be 1000+

This drama wants to be cool, but it fails. Because the writer and production crew are lazy, this drama messes up on the smallest of details. It was waaaaaay too distracting for me to overlook, causing me to drop this at episode 9 and just skip to all of the Kim Jae Wook scenes. (I had watched this drama for him, and I was going to watch all of his scenes no matter what) Kim Jae Wook was just brilliant. It was such a shame that they didn't use him until episode 8 or so, because he could've made it soooooo much better and more engaging. I liked the scene when MTG was caught and arrested, and he's still taunting MJH. It's all a game to MTG, and he truly is psychotic.
ML and FL did not have much dimension to them (up until episode 9. I don't know if their characters improved in the later episodes). ML has terrible self control, almost beating up every criminal, only to be stopped by FL or another officer. He keeps calling people bastard and says, "I'll rip you to pieces" over and over. FL was very emotionless. I know she's emotionless for her job, but she's just boring. I was ok with her breathy voice, and then I started to hate it when that was ALL I heard. She was so monotone.
Some of the lines were so out of place. In episode 5, ML and FL talk about the criminal and his possible motives. ML then says, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'll get." lol, WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!
I hate how the first 5-10 minutes of a new episode was a recap of the old episode. They needed to fill the time, I guess.
I kept pausing and cringing, and my sister asked me why I was watching the drama.... sigh. Only for Kim Jae Wook...

I will say that one good thing this drama does is tension build up. Often times, I had to turn down the volume because it was creepy/suspenseful and I was scared of a possible jump scene. The killings did get to be a bit too much for me, so I had to fast forward through some of them. Don't watch this alone at night. You'll either get bad nightmares or start wondering if there's a serial killer nearby in your area ready to strike.

(and OMG, I HATED the "clicking" sounds!!! It was obviously teeth grinding noises and my teeth could feel it.....)

Kdramasins rant begins:
In episode 1, police was ok with drunk ML contaminating his wife's murder scene. ML's fellow officers said they couldn't ID her because she was so badly beaten, but when ML lifts up the cover, what was seen wasn't bloody and beaten at all. Investigators and criminals refuse to wear gloves alike. There was no DNA evidence when the murderer was touching the victims and their phones with his bare hands. In episode 4 when ML rescues the boy, he lets the boy talk to FL and doesn't rush upstairs, while the boy is supposedly bleeding out to death. In episode 5, they did not think to trace the IP and see who the website belonged to track down the criminal. FL is in the field when she's not a field officer, but head of the call department. FL interrogates suspects when that's not her job. FL makes a call while with a suspect in the interrogation room to warn ML that he was being set up. FL knows exactly what sounds to hear and hone in on when it should be an overload of noises for her. In episode 6, police is so incompetent the suspect finds cuff keys on the floor of the police van. It took FL a good couple of seconds to hear the struggle happening in the bathroom on the other side of the door (and she's supposed to have superhuman hearing). Chief Jang was so intent on arguing with FL that it was a suicide and not homicide, when strangulation marks should've been obvious, or at least logic should've been used as to HOW he set himself on fire (assuming they did their jobs and took away his belongings when they cuffed him, he has nothing to set himself with on fire). Even if one officer was corrupt, they all seem to miss the obvious evidence (i.e GDC's fall. Police should've seen blunt force trauma to his head and determine that it wasn't a suicide....). FL says with 100% confidence, "the voice was of someone in their thirties," when in reality, some people sound older/younger than they really are.
I didn't include everything from the 9 episodes I watched. I'm sure that if I had watched the entire drama, I could write a whole lot more too.
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