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Pyramid Game korean drama review
Pyramid Game
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by TheLast
Mar 21, 2024
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Pyramid Game: A look at society's hierarchy

The pyramid, a geometric wonder and a potent symbol, has pervaded human civilization since time immemorial. Our societal fabric is interlaced with the indomitable threads of the pyramid. Consider, if you will, the tripartite classification of society: the fortunate upper class reigning over the means of production, acting as the high priests of industry, commanding the ebb and flow of capital as a maestro conducts a symphony; the middle class, a hardy troupe of professionals, small business owners, and mid-level overseers; and, finally, the lower class toiling in less-rewarding occupations and grappling with the specter of poverty

Enter the tale of "Pyramid Game," a microcosmic representation of societal stratification within the crucible of a classroom setting and beyond. The students are pitted against each other in a pursuit of popularity. The popularity contest results in a pyramid, where "Grade A" aristocracy perch triumphantly at the zenith, luxuriating in their coveted status, and "Grade F" hoi polloi languish at the nadir, bearing the full weight of ostracism and ignominy

The tale is not all doom and gloom. Amid the savage social melee, a rose blossoms between the thorns. We bear witness to the blossoming of camaraderie and tender romance between the girls. Most notably, the unions of Bona (Soo Ji) and Da In (Ja Eun), Na Eon (Ye Rim) and Ju Yeon (Eun Jung), sail billow with the winds of shared understanding and make the poignant statement that a heart can forge connections transcending the confines of class and status
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