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Confession korean drama review
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by TheLast
Jul 27, 2023
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Clever as a devil?

Jun Ho's character, Do Hyun, is a figure of heroic magnitude and energy. He deliberates, resolves and exults. His "spirit" bears up unbroken, resting on its own energy and requiring no support from anything external, not even from hope itself

He undercuts his opponents by questioning what they had previously taken for granted. At times, he seems to be the only character who thinks, or in whom I best recognize what it feels like to think

The power to entangle and excite the audience is an observable feature of his figure. The greatness of his intellect lies in his intemperateness and ferocity

There's more than malice here, more than bombast; there's sublimity, in revenge, courage, endurance and determination. Combined with sympathy, Jun Ho (Do Hyun)'s "spirit" of revenge and readiness for guile are several softer passions

His heroic qualities are enhanced by the strain of something approaching tenderness. We see it again when he is moved towards sympathy for those falsely accused of a crime. His will-power is not the expression of a nature irrevocably hardened or incapable of gentle emotion

Jun Ho (Do Hyun)'s heart is a sea. It has its storms; it has its tides; and in its depths, it has its pearls

What's missing? A season 2. Or a BL spin-off starring a man who will ardently admire and love Jun Ho (Do Hyun). A man who will mend Jun Ho (Do Hyun)'s heart and wipe away his tears
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