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The Director Who Buys Me Dinner korean drama review
The Director Who Buys Me Dinner
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by TheLast
Dez 23, 2022
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A unique holiday gift

What is Christmas without a BL? A grey and dreary experience

Released during the festive season, the BL family could congregate at home and snuggle by the ubiquitous fireplace, with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, to savor this hidden gem, irrespective of any religious themes it possesses

From the onset, religious themes carry enormous symbolic angst

Two men, connected by a red string of fate that stretches or tangles, but never breaks, are cursed to reincarnate. The transformative power of gay love holds the key to their emancipation

The notion of religious or spiritual dogma, with its implication of a malevolent entity lurking in the shadows, evokes within me a sense of foreboding. But if we shift our attention to the men themselves, we find it amusing to ponder the possibilities and intricacies of their amorous journey

If we judge the cinematography on its own merits, we find the visual reinforcement of love to play an important role in our sympathy towards the men. The producers proved to be people well trained in showing, more than telling

Let us give the producers and actors a big round of applause!
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