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My Main Interests Are: 

Chinese Historical Dramas/WuXia/XianXia (though i'm on a hiatus from them lately)

Thai BL

Chinese BL/Bromance

Korean BL

Japanese BL

Taiwanese BL


1.0 - 4.5 it was bad and i likely regret watching it // usually only movies have the possibility of getting these scores; i don't think i'd watch an entire series that i dislike this can also tend to fall into this group if they're that bad

5.0 - 6.5 it was OK,  it didn't drop the ball completely, possibly a little predictable; perhaps more honestly: it was good at the time, but maybe a bit forgettable

7.0 - 8.5 i liked it overall, it may have been missing some things here and there, but it was still good and I'll probably come back for special clips and interviews with the cast

9 - 9.5 it had everything i wanted and more and it left a lasting impression, but also has a small, yet significant flaw to it that prevents me from giving it a full 10...usually in the form of a character i like not getting the justice i think they deserved

10 - it was great, something wowed me/surprised me or just hit all the right buttons for me in my life at the time i watched it; i've also likely contributed a lot to the MDL comment section of it


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