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God of War
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de Squirl
Mar 18, 2018
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Masterpiece series! I invite you to enjoy this Excellent, Gripping, Historical, Factual, Amazing effort by all. Intense in its faithful telling of the 40 dark years of the Mongol Invasions of Korea. An incredible series from start to finish! You will end each episode with WOW! or OH JOY! or OH NO! Everything a history buff could hope for. These stories are what feed my mind the best and this series is the most devoted, realistic series in its writing historical presentation, I have ever seen! We see many heroes born! The writers were true to historical facts. The Director, the Production Team, All actors were superior in their roles. You find yourself in the time frame with them. Magnificent! Many scenes PERFECT! Now it’s your turn to enjoy!
After watching this drama, Kim Joohyuk became my most revered actor. What an exceptional career he had. And this drama was his Phoenix!

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