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Sophie blank

Into the I LAND

Sophie blank

Into the I LAND

hello there

my name Is Sophie  and here are some things about me

i am a girl 

I’m into lots of anime genres I love dramas and started in 2017 and I’ve been a K-pop stan since 2015 BTS being the reason (they aren’t my ult anymore tho)my favourite family drama is my father is strange


im into kpop and some my favourite groups are : Astro, enhypen,  stray kids, txt,  red velvet  itzy, treasure just B NCT, and epex
i also Stan pre debut groups 
I love the survival show i land and am trying not to cry over  Daniel I’m into bls and love the new drama ( that ended) light on mea fact about  me is that I can’t always finish a drama unless it’s ongoing or I finish it on the same day.

some of my favourite movies

Pee mak2friendzoneorangejustice high

and some personal things about me are

i have had a heart surgery I only got into dramas cause of my little sisterI made my little brother into kpop and drams by accident and my little sister started loving it too!

Some ongoing dramas im watching are 

the new phuwin and pond drama
the school president  

I also love gmmtv for giving me such great dramas 

i am also a big an of the gifted and made a story about it too! I also was speechless when I ounce out patrick and nine ( both Thai actors nine from 2moons2 ) got in a cpop group!

I would love to get to know all of you and I hope we can talk

if you want  please recommend me some dramas or movies!

im also still in school which hurts my binge watching routine?

I also am a giant multi Stan and like bg more cuz ig I feel closer to them and chaeryoung   

that’s a little about me byee!


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