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Queer Ace/Aro

Hello!  I have always sucked at filling out sections like these.  Just like I have always dreaded those little self intro games they always make you play in school or work. So here I am, almost a decade later, finally updating the old intro I had here. 

That being said, I'm actually a very friendly person (despite hating introducing myself ), so please never hesitate to interact with me!  I love Asian dramas and I also frequently listen to Japanese and Korean music (any a plethora of music from other countries as well). Hmm, besides dramas and music, I am also an avid reader, a fan of anime, and most things considered nerdom.

As of 2021 I am now 33 years old and have been into dramas for over a decade now.  But don't let that fool you. I have  nicknamed myself Forever Behind Girl because I have a knack for not finishing or being slow to start the newest and most popular...everything.  On the bright side, I'll never run out of content to keep me entertained.  On the dark side, it never ends.  ? Just look at my list that has in the past been dubbed The Monster.  It will keep growing. I've long since given up on stopping it. lol

Uhhhh, ummm, I can't really think of much else to put. So I'll leave it at that.


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