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"There was a man from linyi whose heart died at twenty" 2ha
Favorite genres :
- Psychological
- Thriller
- Historical
- Horror
- Comedy 

I generally dislike school settings and dramas about sports/music. 
I've watched many romantic dramas but now it's getting boring and repetitive. 
I like thrillers and police procedurals when done well and carefully crafted, which
is usually a hit or miss with kdramas. 

Sometimes I can get obsessed with a certain genre or trope and only watch shows 
related to it until I feel burnt out and find something else to obsess over . 


Because I've been at this for years, it's now serious to me. And because I have less time, I don't play around with how I dedicate it to my media consumption. So as of 06-02-2024 this will be my new rating system:                                                                                                                                          
10: Completely fucked with my head and changed the entire trajectory of my life.    
8-9.5: Groundbreaking.  
7-7.5: Really good watch, solid writing and carefully executed, overall decent but not enough to really be memorable.
5-6.5: Watchable, but otherwise lacking in many areas.
4.5: The only reason I'm still here is because of an actor or this is just the kind of work with just that one good idea which makes the poor execution even more painful.                              
Anything below: I'm extremely pissed off to have wasted my time on this.



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