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- The female lead is able to see spirits, getting easily bothered by them and needs the help of the male lead to feel secure/protected, although in different ways.
- A complicated relationship of love-hate mainly from the male part
- A similar "ghost of the episode" format, with the main plot mixed between the main character's quest to get rid/help them
- The male lead was betrayed by someone in the past

Recomendado por Plushie - Jan 27, 2018
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At first those two storylines doesn't seem very much alike, however if you take a look they are pretty similar:

Extremely shy girl gets some kind of help from an entity, who possess their body thus changing their personality and actions completely. However, in Dear Prince it's actually a guy who's the ghost and the story is based on the entertainment industry.
Recomendado por Plushie - Nov 16, 2017