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Lao Chan
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1st story of set of 5 stories... The journey to find the truth

Never read the novel so no expectations but was eagerly waited to see GulfKanawut's performance after the success of Bua Phun Fan Yap. It's about the journey of Laorchan to find the truth about her family and her boss Khun Phu who truly and sincerely loves her.The betrayal of Laorchans best friend but the most impressive was the acting of Gulfkanawut especially in EP7 and so on, his tears was real and the bonding and the warmth of the family.. I love that family so much .. At times Gulfkanawut as Khun Phu's character bring tears in viewers eyes too.. His eyes express all his emotions and brings out the best of him... and it tells his stories . If you expect romance and kissing in the lakorn, im sorry,its very limited... The script and editing could have been better. At the end the cast did their job amazingly especially Gulfkanawut...

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