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I just got started watching Asian (specifically Korean) dramas a relatively short while ago, and blame/thank my mum for the addiction it's created.  She's been hooked on them for a couple of years now.

I cut my teeth on "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" on the recommendation of everyone in my family and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I moved on to "Good Doctor" as it was the Korean original version of a US drama I enjoyed and again - a pattern was forming.

I've almost entirely stopped watching Western series at this point other than when i'm watching with other members of the family (my wife likes to primarily listen to the TV while she does cross-stitch or some other crafting, and it therefore needs to be in English or it doesnt make much sense for her :) ) - however I've probably increased the overall time I'm spending watching TV... not sure if that's a good thing, but it's definitely entertaining.

For me, the single biggest aspect of K-Drama's that i'm enjoying over Western is that they all END.  We can argue whether we thought the ending was good or not - but in just about all cases everyone would agree that it was concluded in some form (and to be fair, usually very well from what i've seen so far).  My single biggest frustration with western shows was being left hanging, or with stories dragging out so they can get another season in.

I have found that I have a much bigger appreciation for Romance elements of dramas (including those that are mostly about Romance) than I was expecting, and I find that the shows stir me much more emotionally than western stuff does.  I don't recall being moved to tears much at all prior to starting K-Dramas and now it's become kinda expected and almost a letdown if it doesn't happen at least once! :)

On the topic of tears - I've also found that, as a man, I find it extremely difficult to cry.  So I view K-Dramas now as character building opportunities to exercise that :)

I watch K-Dramas as much for the stories as I do for learning about the Korean culture, history, people and the place.  I often have Google Earth open to try and find some of the amazing sights that are seen in some of the shows (like the viewing platform in Daegu) and i'm trying to teach myself some Korean as I go so  that I can pick up on more of the nuances such as Honorifics and so forth.  My kids are heavily in to K-Pop so i'm late to the party in the family but... as always, I get there in the end.  We're all using the resources to learn Korean and in an ideal world we'd all like to take a vacation in Korea at some point.

I have a wife and two kids (one in college and the other in grammar / high school) and when i'm not sleeping or watching K-Dramas i'm usually found at work where I am a Senior Producer at a Video Games company making simulation games on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One :)

At some point, i'll come back and make this more visually appealing and interesting... when I find the skill and talent to do so :)


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