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The Last Chance: Diary of Comedians
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Fev 19, 2014
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Honestly, I've chosen this movie completely randomly. And now I think that it's one of the best movie I ever watched!

Well, it's the story of two unsuccessful comedians. These two guys met each other at high school and decided to form a comedy duo but after more than 12 years of unpopularity, Koumota one of the comedian decides to start a diary where they can write their thoughts.


The story is realistic and so heartwarming! Throughout the movie, I find myself completely empathising with these two naive, desperate and in the same time so motivated comedians. All they want is one chance to prove themselves. They try to not get jaleous of their juniors who are now sucessful, they also need to deal with their family situations, their financial problems...

So yes, this movie is all about dreams and friendship. And I think that it's why I liked it so much.

I also have to say that Koide Keisuke and Ito Atsushi who are playing the main roles are just excellent.

This movie is funny, touching and I felt like I learned something very important for my life. I think that if you're looking for a dream or if you're not sure of your dreams this movie is for You! GIVE IT A TRY, YOU'LL NOT REGRET IT!

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Nascido para Cantar
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Out 21, 2013
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GREAT, this movie is just GREAT! I loved it so much that I've decided to write my first review about it!. Seriously, I started watching it because I didn't have anything else to watch and now that I've finished it I think that I did really well.

The plot is very simple to understand, it's talking about the habitants of the city of GimHae who are going to participate at the famous TV show "National Singing Contest" .
All the contestants have their own reasons for participating, they also have their own stories. It made me Smile, Laugh and cry like a baby! I wasn't bored one minute!
So yes, I can tell that all the characters were endearing and interesting.
I think that all the actors of the movie did a great job, they managed to perfectly bring out the feeling of each character.

This movie really touched my feelings, it was so heartwarming that I'll remember it for a while, so if you're looking for a good korean movie, THIS MOVIE IS FOR YOU!

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