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Flaming Cloud chinese drama review
Flaming Cloud
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by Lakateya
Out 14, 2023
No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Atuação/Elenco 10.0
Musical 10.0
Voltar a ver 5.0
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Does true love exist?

That's the whole premise of the movie. The deities bet if it exists or not by cursing a random human child.

Sangui is adorable and you just want all the good things to happen to him but the poor guy is cursed and only trouble finds him. He wants to find his first love but he is scared because he thinks she thinks he is a freak so he first wants to break the curse.

On his journey, he meets this weird girl obsessed with wanting to find a cursed prince and becoming a princess. I genuinely though she might kill him at some point while she tries to break the curse. She took the break part quite literally. I liked how they resolved this, it was cute.

Then he meets a witch but she is not actually a witch, she just can't sleep. I loved their friendship and the way they helped each other. He helped her sleep and heal and she showed him his curse is not that bad.
Regret is also a curse. I loved that line.
Her story is beautifully heartbreaking.

I like how everything is connected in this movie with lines we might not notice immediately.

The whole movie has a soothing and warm vibe. The music is beautiful and fairytale like. I can't explain how much I like music in this movie.

This is not a romance movie, it's a movie about healing and finding yourself.

Overall, I recommend it. It's cute.
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