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Ago 10, 2023
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This drama insults viewer intelligence

This was such a mess I didn't even finish it and when I did watch it, I mostly skipped or fast forward because there is so much nonsense you can only enjoy it for the eye candy.

8+ hours of show are scenes created to advertise something and it's not subtle at all. When you think it can't get worse there is 1 whole episode made purely as AD for tourism. Rest of the time is stuff randomly happening because they need to so they can sell the money shots. Ofc plot needs to develop but not really, only to a point so it teases till next week and completly cop out and gets resolved in start of next week episode. Also make sure to create nice bait previews to make people stick.

Non exsistent plot and mess of a show makes sense when you see person who wrote this is a nobody doing something first time. Idk how they even got the job for something this monetary invested into.

The amount of flaws this mess that is packaged in nice wrapping paper has is so high I couldn't be bothered to write it because even just 1 episode would amount to too much effort.

I asume this was carried by actors popularity because otherwise idk how this got so overhyped and over rated.

Yes, I know it's a romcom and yes I know that it's suppose to be easy watch but come on met some basic expectations for continuity and some grounded baseline that follows something.

I am not even go into all the bad takes and messages this show had or write about plot.

Tbh I wouldn't even bother with this if it wasn't so overhyped and high viewership this got will only do damage for the future quality and expectations of kdrama.

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A Partir de Agora, Hora do Show!
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Abr 25, 2023
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No geral 8.0
História 6.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
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started out strong but fell apart in last few episodes

Story started out really well apart from some FL acting/ her character execution but after like 3 episodes that was no longer an issue. We had very interesting and intriguing story with each episode that you just wanted binge but then in last 6 episodes it all kinda went downhill. We had 2 episodes with draged out back stories in completly different setting and after that just not engaging and dragged out plot. Also many stuff happen just because they have to happen and suddenly most people just became dumb and ignore stuff so villain can do its thing even tho before they were sharp af and solved cases.

It was just disappointed execution towards the end if you cared for the main plot. Leads chemistry is great and side characters carry the show so that kinda saved it all.

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Casal Maio Dezembro
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Jul 31, 2023
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No geral 3.0
História 4.0
Acting/Cast 3.5
Musical 3.5
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I regret my time spent on this

This show introduces the most annoying show ruining character I ever seen in ep3. It becomes unwatchable and triggering af. It all goes downhill after first 2 good episodes. So after that they decided to force in another annoying rude character in ep5. But atleast that episode had unexpectedly very funny newspaper scene. All these side characters are written forced into relationship to cause issues and annoyance but they are so unbelievably rude and nonsensical and take up all the time in episodes that it breaks the whole show. The most surprising thing was that ex wife was the sanest side character. Also FL is def someone I would not wanna date or marry.

I regret my decision watching this and hope this will save someones time in future.

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Abandonados 3/7
Somos Muito Desastradas No Amor
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Abr 2, 2023
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No geral 1.0
História 1.0
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Waste of time

This is one of the most ridiculously unbelievable acting, characters and writting I've seen so far. You can't believe someone paid, shot and produced this and thought it's good.

There are also no likable characters and it's actually painful to watch this without being triggered.

Music is not fitting or memorable. Cinematography is basic and style is dated. Color grades are boring or make no sense and blur is used to make it look cheesy. Also one of the worst cgi I ever seen for simple hotel sign, such amateur work.

Avoid this if you don't wanna ruin your day.

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