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Live Surgery Room chinese drama review
Live Surgery Room
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by Kcdramamusings
Abr 20, 2024
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No geral 8.0
História 8.0
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Musical 7.5
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My Favorite Bromance This Year

They really outdid themselves; “Justice in the Dark” might be in the dungeon but the director made sure that “Live Surgery Room” surmounted the boundaries of Bromance!

It was halfway through that I learned Qiu Zhong Wei (“Justice in the Dark”) was helming this project. For those who have read the novel, MC Zheng Ren supposedly has a love story with nurse Xie Yiren, which has been totally sidetracked in the adaptation. If you are wondering why, the answer lies with the director who obviously prefers bromance. So, we got a drama with lots of medical terminologies thrown in alongside oodles of delicious bromance. Must admit, I was afraid that the script might pair the male protagonists with the female leads who had a crush on them; but surprisingly they didn’t. The director makes no efforts to appease the censorship and the show solely focus on the budding relationship between the male protagonists. Also read somewhere, that the male leads spend months getting themselves familiarized with the medical terms and surgical processes. In short, this drama is a commendable artwork made possible by the hard work of a dedicated team that includes some talented actors/actresses.

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