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Heroes chinese drama review
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by Kaptan
Jun 3, 2024
36 of 36 episódios vistos
No geral 8.5
História 8.5
Atuação/Elenco 9.5
Musical 7.5
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Heroes who died on the path of democracy

Overall, I watched a good series. I liked it too. It was a good explanation. There were only disruptions in the last episodes. I think there is a problem with binding the endings. Everyone who participated in the revolution, fought for this cause, and searched for gold died. This was the worst part of the series in my opinion. Was a success story told? Or is it a failure story? Was the revolution successful or not? Did the gold work or not? For example, I didn't understand anything about these. It remained unclear. Most of them ended in betrayal, and the deaths of heroes were truly heartbreaking. It hurt my heart to see lovers parting and saying goodbye together. Especially the incident where Wang Jia Luo killed the woman he loved was very dramatic, perhaps the most crucial part of the series. Others followed him. The events of Bu Fan also dying with the woman he loved and Lin Hao Han being shot were dramatic. Finally, Liu Lin dies while driving. So the last episodes were terrible.
Other episodes, mystery, action, espionage, political and military events were handled well. I like. I wish the ending had been tied up nicely. I liked the actors very much. A bald head suits Qin Jun Jie better. The beauty of your face is revealed. I watched a few TV series of this actor in which he played with this outfit and historical clothes. Her baldness really suits her very well. These roles suit him very well. I saw him with his hair in the last scene and I didn't recognize him. To that degree. It doesn't suit. Maggie Huang has a very beautiful face, I call these faces of four seasons. He has a rare face shape in China. A blessing for an actor. But I don't know if he uses it well. I guess he can't use it. That's why he can't get rid of supporting roles. Maybe he's lazy. I do not know. That's why it is not preferred. If I found such a player, I would definitely not leave him. He is a rare face and with this face he can play any role easily. Big eyes and all. Something rare for a Chinese actress. Li Yui Ning was as usual. I liked it but there was no advantage. Pang Hang Chen actually gave a very good performance. This actor has outdone himself. I liked it very much. Well done. Chen Tiang Ming is really lucky with that face of his. She drew a different character with a grin. He did well. I like. I liked Huang Hao Yie. She was very good. She played a pure and clean role. I didn't like Chen Si Che's scenes very much, except for his death scene. He seems like a bit of a slow player. But he still mastered his role. These were the eyesore. Especially CAST is very well chosen. Everyone played well. I like it a lot. The series dragged me. However, the last episodes made me sad. It left it a bit unclear. I liked the series except for the last episodes. I would recommend it to everyone.
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