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22-year-old / Nursing Student / Virgo

I am a 22-year-old nursing student that started watching dramas in 2016. I would say that my favorite tags are teamwork, strong friendships, romance (the ones that make my heart skip a few beats),  case of the week dramas, family and slice-of-life dramas. I grew up watching Brazilian soap operas and they will always have a place in my heart and they are probably the reason why I love watching tv so much, have I said that I have a weak spot for reality shows? I also love reading, one of my favorite books is The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I am also a big fan of mythology and fantasy.  BIGBANG is my favorite artist. 

ღ   Below are gifs from my favorite dramas   ღ

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  • 1st Korean drama: Hwarang
  • 1st Korean movie: Tazza: The Hidden Card
  • 1st Japanese drama: Haru ga Kita
  • 1st Japanese movie: When I Get Home, My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead
  • 1st Chinese drama: Ice Fantasy
  • 1st Chinese movie: So I Married An Anti-Fan
  • 1st Thaidrama: Theory Of Love
  • 1st Thai movie: Brother of the Year
  • 1st Taiwanese drama: Refresh Man
  • 1st Taiwanese movie: Dear Ex
  • 1st Filipino movie: Alone/Together
  • 1st Filipino drama: Like in the Movies 
  • 1st Hong Kong movie: 77 Heartbreaks
  • 1st Hong Kong drama: Ossan's Love
  • 1st drama: Hwarang
  • 1st Completed drama: Refresh Man
  • 50th Completed drama:  5-ji Kara 9-ji Made
  • 100th Completed drama: Q10
  • 150th Completed drama: The Other Half of Me and You
  • 50th completed movie: King of Peking
  • 100th completed movie: Little Forest
  • 150th completed movie: The King’s Case Note
  • 200th completed movie: The Yin Yang Master
  • 250th completed movie: The story of the Demon Cult Leader and the Decent miss
  • 300th completed movie: One Night
  • 350th completed movie: Decision to Leave
 ღ Proud to be a V.I.P ღ 
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