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So It's You
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Jan 6, 2023
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Chinese version of weightlifting fairy

the story is exactly the same as weightlifting fairy, only minor changes are there.
but the cast play is awesome the way they play there character is awesome
its a good rom-com drama. I love the way they show the chemistry btw the lead character also loved the scene where they accidentally kiss ;).
its a must watch!!! drama if u feel like the korean version watch this one, it will give a new but exciting and good vibe.
it won't disappoint you. also i am rooting for other couples too.
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First Time Love You, Its Not Too Late
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Dez 15, 2022
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My Journey

Well, i am literally a big drama fan let it be korean, chinese, thai, japaness etc so its a given i literally watch every new ongoing drama and this one. Its pretty good and funny a sweet unexpected romance and fun. I love the part when he realizes his love for her and show affection in the medical camp after she gets injured during the game and also when he tries to tutor her to make her realize his love for her. If ur looking for a multi-couple show this is the one. I also root for the main male lead bestfriend{roomie} and main female lead bestfriend{roomie} relationship. it gets all the stress go wizard and vanish. so, go for it.

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