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Rating System

(I used to follow the MDL rating subtext for how I rated shows I watched... but at some point they removed it, so now I just rate things off my best recollection of what it used to be):

Different types of shows (drama, web drama, variety show, etc.) are rated differently (based on why I watch them / what I think they are meant to be for) but in general, since the scale is on personal liking it's pretty standardized.

0: Unrated, either I haven't rated it yet or I feel I am unjustified to rate it.

1-2: Very much disliked it, equivalent to doing something I do not enjoy.

2.5-4.5: Bad, not worth the time spent watching. Would have liked to have not wasted the time spent watching.

5-6: Not great, but it wasn't painful to watch. Probably ok as a time-waster but even then not really.

6.5-7: Liked it, but not too much. Pretty much perfect time-waster range, fun to watch to pass the time, but not really anything past that.

7.5-8: Really liked it. Enjoyed watching, don't regret spending the time watching and had a good time doing so.

8.5-9: Great, really good shows that I really enjoyed watching.

9.5: Loved it, basically perfect, something is holding me back from giving it a perfect score... but in every other way, it was perfect.

10: Perfect, nothing (or very very little) I would change about the show. Left little or nothing to be desired.

(obviously, there will be inconsistencies since the list is for me (notably I noticed I was more lenient/generous when I first started watching dramas again vs now)... the better ending thoughts are in the notes)

Watchlist System

Currently Watching: Shows I'm either actively watching or I have "ready" to be watched. (sometimes I have notes for random thoughts I have at the current episode I'm at, separated by episode markers)

Completed: Shows I've completed and rated following the Rating System above. (have final thoughts in the notes)

Plan to Watch: Shows I'm interested in and would like to watch in the future, sometimes marked with priority tags. (have notes for how I found out about the show and why I find it interesting / would like to watch it)

On-hold: Shows I'm sort of following, but not strictly, most of the time they've been rated similarly to Completed shows.

Dropped: Shows I'm no longer following and no longer have an interest in completing, this is pretty rare as I have a strange need to complete shows even when I don't particularly like them. Rated up to what I've seen. (have final thoughts and reasoning notes)

Not Interested: I don't currently really use the Not Interested section, but I'd like to in the future. So I can keep track of shows I've looked into but didn't like enough to add into Plan to Watch. (have reasoning for why I'm not interested in the notes)


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