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Hi, I'm Jeanie.  You can see below all my Drama Obsessions.  Actors, Actresses and Dramas.  The list is ever expanding.  Though I don't post or review as much as I used to, I still keep up with my list.  Feel free to comment or PM if you want. 

Here's my Stalker's Guide To Matsuda Shota

Eye Candy List:

So Ji Sub!  My First Drama Love

Matsuda Shota:  My Enduring Drama Love. Shota/AShotaCollage04.jpg

My other Faves:  Eye Candy + Great Acting!  And there are so many more. Pictures/ANewCollage.jpg 

My Favorite Actresses Pictures/DramaWomen.jpg

Favorite Dramas:

A Man's Story, Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy, Chuno, City Hunter, Coffee Prince, Dal Ja's Spring, Don Quixote, Hong Gill Dong, Hungry, I'm Sorry, I Love You, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Liar Game Series, Love Shuffle, Me Too Flower, Nodame Cantabile Series, Padam Padam, Pride, Queen In Hyun's Man, Rondo, Secret Garden, Tatta Hitotsu No Koi, The City Hall, The Greatest Love, The Princess' Man, What's Up Fox.

My Favorite Kpop Artist:  So much love!!  


How I feel about Shota-kun living 1/2 way around the world from me..... Shota/LG01-1.gif


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