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Brush Up Life japanese drama review
Brush Up Life
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by J0j0a22
Mar 14, 2023
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História 10.0
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Musical 9.5
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A must watch drama

This drama was great, one of the best I've seen. The story is so well constructed, all the actors portray such relatable characters, dialogue is so natural that the whole plot feels like it might just happen for real. After each episode I couldn't stop thinking about it and Brush Up Life became a hot topic among my own friends and family for the same reasons. The child actors also did an amazing job, not only are they cast well to fit perfectly for the adult versions of them but they way they act showing the same habits and quirks of the older versions was perfect. The first episode at first might seem boring or bland but its so necessary for it to be that way. I can guarantee that if you just push through the first 30 mins of episode 1 you will be hooked.
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