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Hi, hello, annyeong! My name is Tereza, I'm in my early 20's and i'm from Czech Republic. I'm watching dramas since January 2018 with my first korean drama Hwarang and my first chinese drama Where The Lost Ones Go. When I'm not working at our small stationery I'm usually watching doramas, reading mangas, webtoons or novels, watching some anime, playing games or sleeping. I'm also addicted to ASMR, unicorns and coffee.

If you're interested in my anime taste you can find me on myanimelist

If you want to know what books I've read you can look at goodreads.

Seventeen is my obsession ><

Let's get along! ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

Monday:  Dare to Love Me, The Brave Yong Soo Jung

Tuesday:  Dare to Love Me, The Brave Yong Soo Jung

Wednesday:  My Sweet Mobster, The Brave Yong Soo Jung

Thursday:  My Sweet Mobster, The Brave Yong Soo Jung

Friday:  Bitter Sweet Hell, Connection, The Brave Yong Soo Jung

Saturday: Bitter Sweet Hell, Connection, Beauty and Mr. Romantic,  The Midnight Romance in Hagwon, Miss Night and Day

Sunday:  Beauty and Mr. Romantic, The Midnight Romance in Hagwon, Miss Night and Day

9/9.5★  - amazing drama but something was missing in the plot (rushed/open ending)
8/8.5★  - a few unanswered questions but still great viewing
7/7.5★  - good drama, but could've been a lot better
6/6.5★  - average. probably was boring, or had a messy plot and silly characters!
5/5.5★  - you might like it, but i don't
4/4.5★  - why did i even waste my time with this crap?
3/3.5★  - huge flop
2/2.5★  - just a fail
1/1.5★  - awful, atrocious, terrible; do i need to say anything else?

thank you for coming... ♥

╰┈➤  Being single is the trend nowadays. — Seo Dan


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