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Branding in Seongsu korean drama review
Branding in Seongsu
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by HappyPacket
Mar 9, 2024
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No geral 8.5
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Really cool Gender swap Romantic thriller!

I heard Kim Jieun (FL) saying that this show is a Romantic thriller in a radio interview and that's what it is exactly! A really interesting one at that! It has short 24 episodes of almost 22-25 mins each. Easy to watch, mostly light-hearted and quite well acted. Picks up pace after Ep 4.


1) ACTING: Actually I have become a fan of both FL and ML (Lomon) and went back and watched most of their old shows because of how good they are here! When they gender swap the change is so smooth it's like they actually swapped! They both have done a really great coordinated job here! ??

2) CHEMISTRY : It's simply Fire! Both the leads look so hot together! ? And I am sure many of you are here because of those kiss scenes YT shorts! ? But mind you, the actual romance part is really subtle, don't expect fireworks romance and sweeping declarations, you just have to imagine those things yourself! ? LOL (EDIT: Now that I have completed it, I can say that romance gets more visible towards the end and for that I am infinitely happy :D)

3) STYLISH SHOW: When you watch it you will realise they have added all elements to both aesthetics and the plot to make it modern and stylish. All the Marketing ideas they come up with in each episode is so new and cool and overall very interesting and I really enjoyed those scenes in each episode!

4) I personally like a no nonsense strong headed FL and here she is perfect as one! she's no saint and don't go expecting her to be one either you will be disappointed! She's superbly grey! (EDIT: For people looking for character growth, let's just say they all become better versions of themselves in the end.)

Mild spoiler :

5) It's a thriller so be ready for huge plot twists! Things may not be as they seem in the first 3/4th half of the show! ? But they are totally worth it! Accept things as they come, it gets better and better! (EDIT : It's certainly all worth it in the end! *HEA* <3 )
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