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 I started watching asian dramas 15 years ago and I see all genres, but I have a preference for historical, xianxia, wuxia and thriller.

"A good bone structure... what's so special about these bones? Even the royal family fears them and all the people in the land praise them." [Drama One and Only]

  "Beautiful bones are rare in the world. There are people who have such bones, but not beautiful skin, or have beautiful skin, but not bones. And the Prince of Nan Chen the only one who has both beautiful bones and skin. It's rarer than emperors." [Drama One and Only]

"Through the thousand years of desolation, when even that stretch of white bones has become as sand, Shi Yi, alone, is all that I ask. " [Novel: One Life, One Incarnation - Beautiful Bones]


"The day you came, the privet flowers blossomed. Therefore, every day became like spring. No matter where you left me, I’ve been waiting since the day you left. Only by you calling out my name, shall time start again for me."   [Crush]


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