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I LOVE LOVE dramas. Don't you?
Hello chingu ^_^

I watch Korean, English, American, Taiwanese, Thai, Chinese, Pakistan, Indien, some Turkish and Japanese dramas. Been addicted since 2007. I have like watched every drama out there. If u ask me about a drama I've probably already seen it lol -> yeah a gigantic dramageek here >_<

Ps. I love to watch korean variety shows and listen to kpop music.

My most favorite Ongoing drama atm: "I remember you"




He's like the CUTEST thing ever!!! I'am inLove with Min! He's the most ADOREBLE thing!!!! And this bromance couple is the best I have seen. It tops ANY couple in any drama! >-< 

 My favorite Bias atm!!!! >_<

I'am inLove with SoJiSub!!!!

Me when I watch my fave oppa!                    And my answer afterwards >_<


When another episode of my fave drama is out! 

    When somebody tells me they don't wanna watch it.
Is it weird that I do the hand-sign whenever I want somebody to get lost (aka my siblings)?!
My parents actually said I have gone absolutely crazy now that I even imitate their gestures. LOL xD

Whenever something bad happens to one of my fave characters

When an episode finishes and I have to wait a whole week for the next   

After Master's Sun has ended I'am like this *_*
I'am just glad "Emergency Couple" is taking some of the pain away


Also I'am a huge book lover. My favorite genre is Paranormal romance! I love to switch between books and dramas :D

If u wanna become friends please wright something about yourself so I can get to know u.       

 I don't bite ^^


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