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You from the Future chinese drama review
You from the Future
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by Dedra70
Ago 15, 2023
24 of 24 episódios vistos
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There was No Future Here

This drama had great potential based off of the synopsis and also having one of my favorite male leads Luo Zheng. But it faded fast after just the first episode.

Luo Zheng again is playing the role of CEO. At this point of playing a CEO in his last three dramas, including this one, I feel it is time for him to start looking into other roles. He has mastered, in my opinion, how to truly be a CEO that he is being typecasted. It is time to refocus. Let him move onto other roles. But let me tell you about the drama.

Shen Jun Yao (Luo Zheng) is CEO of a tech company that he has put all of this scientific equipment into the home that Xia Mo (Ji Mei Han) is coming back to reclaim. After literally "falling" for him at the airport, the media cast her as the "new" woman that he is seeing. When Xia Mo comes to the house Shen Jun Yao is only willing to share the house and not give it to her. Due to his problem now with what the media misconstrued at the airport he devises a way to keep the house and have her be able to stay as well. How do we handle this? We create a "contractual" couple agreement. Meaning they would be a couple which killed two birds with one stone. Letting her stay in the home but also fixing his problem with the media by having them be a couple. We also have "Starlight" a robot which Shen Jun Yao created to ease his mother's mind after losing his brother in a fire and Danika an AI that is able to access and handle things as needed for Shen Jun Yao and his grandfather, who is the president.

All of that sounded good but this drama went downhill fast.

Xia Mo (Ji Mei Han) was so annoying, bratty, whiny and so miscast as his love interest. I have no idea why Shen Jun Yao, yet alone his brother Lin Heng were so enamored of her. To watch them fighting over her was just sad. Why Shen Jun Yao was even interested in her yet, fall in love with her was so beyond me. Even though these actors have appeared in at least three dramas together. In this one, there was no attraction. It felt so awkward and forced every time they kissed. I cannot tell you how many times I cringed just watching her, yet alone them as a couple. She does get a job at Candy which was a subsidiary to the tech company that Shen Jun Yao was CEO of. But the unbelievable part is she had no experience at all, yet they let her head up major projects. She dressed like she was 12 years old, even her mother mentioned how she was dressed. Watching her go to head up a presentation in front of executives in tennis shoes, suspender blue jeans was just so wrong. I could not stand her when she came on screen.

I was looking to find out "who" was from the future. I guess it was Starlight the robot. I could not think of anything else. There were not that many things I felt were that futuristic. Again, a title that served not purpose for this drama. Yang Ze (Starlight) was the saving grace of this drama. Playing a robot was so well done that I wanted him to have more screen time.

To make the drama even more interested we had Lin Zheng (the real brother of Shen Jun Yao) kidnap Xia Mo. For what? Who knows just added drama. We have Lin Zheng admit to Shen Jun Yao that he was the brother that he left in the burning building. They brothers fight and Starlight saves Xia Mo as she is hanging from the ceiling. But to have more added drama as Lin Zheng has a taser like instrument that he uses on Starlight which damages his core. Shen Jun Yao and Xia Mo have to decide if they save Starlight or let him go due to his core damage. Since Xia Mo is really the owner of Starlight when he saved her in a house fire, she is the one to make the decision on what to do. Of course, it is to save him no matter what the cost. Yeah! Starlight lived.

The brother come to terms with their estrangement over the years and make up. Shen Jun Yao proposes to Xia Mo in front of family and friends. But you would think the ending would consist of a wedding or the family all together, but they show his brother in a police car in handcuffs headed to jail to pay for his crimes. The End.

You notice there was no promotion for this drama. I can see why. It was so poorly thrown together that when it came to the ending you were happy to see it done. If you feel this drama has something futuristic in it, then you definitely have the wrong drama. Don't do it to yourself.

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