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Crazy Handsome Rich
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Set 11, 2023
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Beyond Funny

This is unexpectedly hilarious. Suspend your disbelief and prepare to watch a BL in which no one and nothing can be taken seriously and it is universally gay, especially the mansion, furnishings and vegetables.(ha!) I don’t know how the actors could carry out their roles without cracking up. I’ll bet the outtakes are even better than the series. The inept dubbing is part of its charm and allows for some creative voice work. In my imagination the soundtrack was accidentally deleted and they had to go back in after the fact to create one. When they saw how silly it all was they decided to go full tilt: kooky music, animal noises, sound effects, it’s all here!

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Conselheiro de Amor: The Series
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Jun 5, 2023
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Musical 9.5
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Great portrayal of Long’s Acting Ability

I throughly enjoyed this short and was drawn into the conversation easily. As it progressed I was impressed by the one-take quality and sense of intimacy. it seemed that I was listening in on what became a very private conversation. I have no clue what was meant by the ending, so I’m going to pretend the last few minutes did not happen. I’m coming to this after watching Long play Day in Love Syndrome lll, where his character’s conduct is largely toxic and irrational, altogether unappealing, except in terms of amazing physical appearance. What a relief to see him play a very nuanced role in which subtle shifts in body language and facial expression role are key. The startling contrast between the roles make me respect him as an actor and look forward to more.

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Leis da Atração
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Ago 13, 2023
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BL Melodrama ❤️??

Do you love over the top physicality, emotionality, pulsing music, and hot male leads? Look no further! They love and hate each other in the same episode all the while trying to solve a tragic hit-and-run. The settings range from gritty urban to luxury dwellings with law offices and a nightclub thrown in. the fight scenes contain some amazing cinematography; graphic violence is portrayed explicitly. Silvy fans get a real treat; there is girl love, too! As a bonus the BL side couple is gorgeous. Episode 5 is lakorn perfection so buckle in.
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