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Been an avid drama watcher for a long, long time. Grew up watching Chinese drama classics, but ran into a resource problem when we immigrated to the US as a kid, but thankfully family friends came through and I was able to watch Huan Zhu GeGe, many of the late 90s/early 2000s wuxia adaptations, and Meteor Garden in 2001 via VHS in the pre-Internet age. Also had cyclical phases later on where I dabbled in and out of C, T, K, and J entertainment, which included dramas as well! 

I'm really picky about the dramas that I watch so I always do a lot of research beforehand to see if I like the actors, the genre, and the premise - so most of the dramas that I start I do end up finishing and will rate. Wuxia's the genre that I grew up with and I will forever adore it, and I had a huge idol drama/kpop phase, but I am all about more serious shows now that have a greater emphasis on family, friendship, and life. Give me all the warmth, even if it comes with tears. Romance is fine, but I have a low tolerance for pure romance dramas. I also don't follow dramas as they're airing (usually) - I prefer not having to wait for new episodes (the agony is real) so I can binge watch. 

I've recently been really interested in the C-ent (both film and drama) world overall due to how fast it's rising and how different it is from other entertainment circles, so I follow it pretty avidly in terms of new productions, rising stars, industry changes, etc. So basically just been watching C-dramas, movies, and variety shows, but will still occasionally dabble in k-dramas if it's getting a lot of good reviews. 

I do have actors and actresses that I love or prefer (as well as production teams and screenwriters), but I won't watch a drama just for an actor/actress if I know the quality isn't up to par or if it's a genre that I'm not interested in.

Favorite dramas ever: Answer Me 1988 (it speaks to me in a way that no other drama has been able to do) and the Nirvana in Fire series (I'm cheating - I just really love the NiF universe - give me another one, Hou Hong Liang!)


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