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VIP Only Special taiwanese drama review
VIP Only Special
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Mai 17, 2024
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specials are better than the main series

I said what I said and I mean it. so far we’ve gotten two special episodes from the VBL series and they have been the perfect button ending to the main series.

they are full of fluff, sweet moments, and so far depict what’s happening next in their lives together. we got this with the you are mine special and now again with the vip only special. I wish more series did this because who doesn’t need unbridled fluffy and joy everyone once and a while. I can’t wait for the other two specials now if these two are any indication on how they are going to go.

also I freaking LOVE the you are mine characters in this! I love them so much, it filled my heart with joy to see them again and get even more of their life.

Side note: vip only was my least favorite of the VBL series however this special episode made me like the main series more.
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