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Jovem Sangue Quente
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de Nushu
Dez 11, 2018
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This is the kind of movie that you just watch, laugh along to and simply feel. You're not supposed to think about the story or whether it makes sense or not, because it's not trying to tell you a cohesive story per say, and it probably won't show you every single detailed plot point that could be added in order to explain the story to the viewer. It's more of a "Hey here are some characters, just follow them around and don't ask questions."

I honestly really enjoyed it and also the fact that it let me turn off my brain for a bit and just feel rather than think. I laughed a lot too. I definitely recommend this for when you just need a chill movie to watch with a group of friends, especially after final exams or something.

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O Demônio Ao Seu Lado
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de Nushu
Jun 7, 2024
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Musical 8.0
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Character-Driven Slice-of-Life Meme Story

What happens when wattpad fanfiction quality writing meets A-list quality acting? You get Devil Beside You (2005) >u<

There is absolutely nothing phenomenal about this story or how it concluded. In fact the story itself gave me whiplash because of how absurd some situations, scenes, and lines were. But it's the characters and amazing acting that keep you curious and wanting to watch more. WWAD? What Would Ahmon Do? LOL

As I watched this drama, it felt like every other scene was a meme-worthy moment and I have no idea how they managed to pull it off. If you're looking for something to binge, and possibly make you laugh then this is it. But turn your brain off when it comes to the story itself x)

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