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Me while watching dramas= eating lots of snacksss, eating noodles, doing hw, eating rice, drinking soup, eating pizza, drinking drinks.

#1 thing needed when watching dramas is TISSUES! 

#2 Snacks!!!!

#3 Pay attention!!!

I rate every drama a 10/10 unless it's super bad. I like all the dramas but if i were to really rate it i wouldn't give that score. The reason why i rate every drama 10/10 is because i believe that all dramas should be watched even if it has a bad rating. It should only be dropped when the viewer sees that it does not suit their taste. I wish for my fellow viewers to give each drama a chance. When your friends say something is good you should give it a try. There has been a lot of times where I didn't want to watch the drama my friend's recommended but half the time when I do, I end up finding a new gem :). So give those dramas a shot and if you don't like it then drop it. Don't let those possible happy feelings pass by just yet!

2019 Update: I started watching dramas in high school.  I believe that was around 2011-2013. In college i still continued watching even during finals week. It was always a roller coaster when it came to dramas. I would watch it and procrastinate which stressed me out even more but at the same time gave me relief like I was in a different world. It definitely made my finals week and school life harder but I have zero regrets. Now I have already graduated and got my bachelor's in Corp Comm. I still watch Kdramas & Cdramas every now and then. I can still say life is nothing without dramas and hot Asian guys. Seriously you would think you will grow out of watching dramas one day but nawww not me. Keep on watching dramas and keep loving the eye candy ^-^ . 

2020 Update: So recently, with the Covid-19 outbreak (Coronavirus), all I've been really doing is watching dramas while working remotely. Ever since I built my own computer I stopped using my laptop to watch dramas. Now i have a big screen to fully enjoy all the scenes. I first got hooked onto Kdramas maybe in 2012 or earlier. I was convinced by a friend to watch a series. That's when I started getting more and more into Kdramas. Right now,  I can say I'm more into Chinese dramas. Been getting more into it lately with all the new & better series they provide. The main reason I'm going more into Cdramas now is because I love how they're incorporating novels while Kdramas are incorporating more manhwas (mangas). I love both, seriously enjoy everything. The only thing is that every time i end one drama, i end up feeling either super confused and don't know what to do anymore or just super obsessed with thinking about the ending and the OSTs, and the plots. Honestly, I am just so grateful that this entertainment industry exists, and I am so happy that our community is getting bigger. Without dramas I seriously don't know who I would be today. 

2022 Update: Back to working in the office, but that doesn't stop me from watching dramas when I come home. If there was a full time job to just watch dramas, I think I would be perfect at that job. 2022 is almost ending, I thought  I should write an update before the year ends. Dramas have been advancing with CGIs and HD resolution, some dramas are already in 4k, especially the ones shown on Netflix. A lot of Korean dramas hit the top charts worldwide which was just amazing. Cdramas are getting better as well, especially with the xianxias. I am patiently waiting for so many good dramas to be released, so many season 2s. I noticed a lot of the newer generation stars have been growing much taller than previous generations. They have  fantastic visuals as well. Sorta jealous but at the same time I can't help but to admire their beauty.  I didn't update for 2021, but during that year, I started my own drama youtube channel that became a hit while I was still working hard on it. I did a lot of Korean translating, video editing, and OSTs with lyrics. Soon after I stopped. But that doesn't mean that I stopped watching dramas. Still enjoying life the same way I always have, watching dramas with good food. Nothing beats having my emotions explode. Below is my youtube channel, feel free to check it out and subscribe!

2023: My 10th year anniversary of MyDramaList. 

Favorite Drama Quotes:

If your heart is kind, you are not evil. - Ep16 19min Word of Honor

You can't beat the mirror no matter how fast you are.
The mirror can't be faster than us.  - Sisyphus Ep11 25min

If apologies worked, why would we need the police? - Daoming Si F4 Meteor Garden/Boys over Flowers

One does not wait for the right opportunity, but creates it  -  Under the Queen's Umbrella Ep 4 57:40

Favorite Drama Scene:

Story of Kunning Palace (2023) Episode 36 - @34 minute 



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