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Just another BL-obsessed fan ;)

Hi, my name is Eva and I'm pansexual :)

I swear I watch other kinds of Asian drama, I'm just too lazy to update my list with them.

FirstKhao are my comfort couple.

My short BL discovery story:
I'm one of those people who actually went in search for BL, I didn't just stumble upon it. Been watching kdrama long enough to see potential in every bromance moment, I've been shipping male characters before I even knew shipping was a thing.

One of my favourite Kdramas is Coffee Prince because it's the first time I was seeing an actual pansexual story, where the ML didn't care about the FL's gender but fell in love with her anyway. It portrayed the confusion of sexuality perfectly and showed the best form of raw emotions. My favourite thing was how it showed that love don't care about gender.
That's why my favourite line from any drama is "I like you, whether you're a man or an alien, I don't care anymore".

Finally started searching for BLs early 2022 (sometimes I think I discovered BL late, other times I think I found it at the perfect time) and the first few I found were Wish You and Your Name Engraved Within, which even though were beautiful only made me yearn for more. That was when I found 2gether which was the most popular BL on YouTube at that time. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with BLs and on a mission to watch all the best ones ever made ;)

A few of my favourites:

Fave BL dramas (in no particular order)

Love by chance (AePete's story)

Not me

Bad buddy

To my star

Light on me

Love mechanics

The Eclipse

I told Sunset about you

History 3: MODC (SunBo & LuZhi's story)

You're my sky 

Lovely Writer

About Youth

Fave BL couples

PerthSaint [I know :( ]






Fave Thai BL actors

Perth, Saint, Ohm, Nanon, Gun, War, Jeff Satur, Bible, Singto, First, Khao, PP Krit, Mix, Santa and Cooheart.

A BL character I'm in love with:
Bas (Khunpol) from I told Sunset about you.

Other LGBTQ+ stories I love but don't consider BL:
Love, Simon
Young Royals
Elite (side story)

Discovering BL was the highlight of the year 2022 and it became a healthy (but somewhat unhealthy) distraction from the chaos that was my life and a healing to my mental health.
I feel blessed being part of this wholesome community and I'm glad meeting you guys here ;)


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