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I Don't Love You Yet japanese drama review
I Don't Love You Yet
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by Athens
Set 2, 2019
16 of 16 episódios vistos
No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Atuação/Elenco 9.0
Musical 9.0
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Since I started to watch dramas, In Time With You has been one of my favourites dramas. I remember the first time I watched the T-drama version and how I felt about this story. It's not a perfect story, there is some flaws, but at the same time it's so poetry and has so deep meaning that I still think this story is very underrated by people who watch dramas. I think this story is the best when we talk about this kind of this situation "friends to love".
The fact is, some people misunderstand the meaning of what this story want to tell us. It's not about love or dating, but it's about friendship and how firendship is more important than love. We see that in our main characters. It's not about a guy who wants to be more than a friend. It's about a guy who likes a girl, but loves her friendship. I think the drama gives us a messange that may be hard, but we need to accept. I think others dramas that talks about this kind situation failed in develop this messange and that's why I like so much this drama.
But talking about this version. I think is more developed than the others one, but unfortunatelly the end was not so good as the T-drama. I also think there is more good songs in the first one than in this one. And I also think Bo-lin did a better job in some scenes. But besides that, I don´t have anything more to complain. They clearly transmited what the story mean and I also think they showed us more interactions between our main leads. In this version we have a Yo less selfish and more independent. I really liked the fact that they didn´t change her work. I also like the fact that in this version they showed us more her love for Ren.
Overall, this drama is also more mature than the others one and its also more closer than the korean one. It was my first time seeing the actor who plays Ren, but he is really good and now I'm hoping I can see more dramas with him.

I think we guys need to watch this drama, but thinking about the meaning of the title. There is a reason why the T-drama is named In time With You. And there is a reason why the japaneses prefer to translate as I don´t love you yet. Try to understand the name, before talk bad about the plot.
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