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Marry My Husband korean drama review
Marry My Husband
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by Athens
Fev 20, 2024
16 of 16 episódios vistos
No geral 9.5
História 10.0
Atuação/Elenco 10.0
Musical 9.5
Voltar a ver 9.0
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The best time travel drama you will find

It's been a while that I found all korean drams more from the same. Most of them start really good and then goes downhill. But this one is.... a very surprinsingly execption. I was hooked from the day one until the last one. I didn't skip a single scene and I was counting the days to a new episode. And it's been a huge while since I've been like that from the beginning to the end. Why I'm saying this? Well, look around, you will see a lot of comments saying the same and this website is full of people criticizing a drama! That alone says a lot about this drama.

Okay, now that I talked about my impressions of this drama let's get to the real review and the reason on why this is pproblably the best time travel drama.

1) Plot. Although is a very "common" plot in Korea dramas nowadays, this one has a very good execution all the way until the end. The reason for that is simple: it sticks a lot to the webtoon, so besides some execeptions the director doesn't try to change a lot or mix things. So, since the webtoon had a good execution. The drama is as well. I feel like the writers were really careful in trying to stay loyalty to the webtoon. Kudos for them because it turned out very well because of it.

2) Cast. Well, what can I say about them? I think is no surprising that Park Min Young is a good actress, but jesus. I think in this drama Park Min Young set the bar high to even herself. I mean, the girl really nailed! I was so surprised by how good she was in this drama that I even paused for a second trying to understand because I didn't know she was THAT GOOD. Her chemistry with ML was good as well. The actor that played the ML was good, however I may confess I don't have much to say. But not because he didn't make a good job, is just that the others were so impressed that I wasn't so excited for the ML (or even with the romance aspect, even if they did a good job and the couple was amazing).

Saying that, I can't talk about cast without mentioning Lee Yi Kyung, who was amazing as well and stole the spotlight many times making you hate him a lot. But most of all, I couldn't talk about casting without talking about Song Ha Yoon. Someone, please, bring her an OSCAR! She was brilliant! Her scenes were incrediable and the way she portrayed the character was exactly what you would image for Soo Min! On top of it, her chemistry with Park Min Young was amazing, the scenes itself were the best in the whole drama. Really, this girl should have more lead roles in the future.

3) Music was good. But what I liked the most about the musics is that they knew exactly when and where to play it. So, the music didn't sound too repetitive or too out of nowhere just for the sake of it. Not much to say, but personally I liked a lot. Also, the scene where they discouver their identities with BTS song and then we had BTS playing was really cool. I don't like Kpop, but I found it very nice from them to use it.

4) Rewatch value? Personally I don't like to rewatch dramas, but if you are looking for something to rewatch, this one mighht be a good option.

5) Main characters and their relation - Let's just say that will end up feeling like you want something like this in your life. What MC does to FL is something that every person would dream of. He is literally perfect.

Bonus: There is no loose ends and the final episode end everything well without rushing it.

Side note: I wish they had developed one couple like the webtoon did.
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