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Fake news, questionable morality, and troublesome technology

"7 Escape" was an organized mess. It had all the "charm" of a sinking ship. There were plenty of moments that threatened to send me scrambling for the nearest escape route (the poor character development, repetitive conflict, pseudo-romantic encounters, rushed redemption arc), and plenty of others that managed to serve up food for thought on the human condition

One moment of revelation was the ill-fated character "K," who was swapped at birth and brought up in a wealthy household. After discovering his origins, he was discarded by his once-doting family. K's words, "noone can be family unless you're related by blood" (episode 12, 32:34) and "since I was young, I was the one to entertain and serve Father, why am I the fake son?" (episode 12, 39:25), invite us to question society's obsession with "biological lineage." Far too often, adoptive families or children are seen as "less worthy." The pursuit of a biological "mini-me" takes precedence, as if blood were the determinant of familial bonds. This skewed perception belittles the love, commitment, and joy found in adoptive families

Another moment was the dichotomy between "the real and the fake" (episode 12, 39:00). The drama reminds us that no matter how convincingly something mimics reality, there will always be a distinction. Even if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it might not be a duck

Finally, the dangers of technology wielded by those ignorant of its potential. "7 Escape" considers our unhealthy relationship with technology and the ramifications of unchecked technological advancements. It draws attention to humanity's "vulnerability" to the influence of fake news (episode 12, 15:16), a significant issue in the modern, tech-driven society

In conclusion, "7 Escape" was a blend of misguided, cringe-worthy storytelling and surprising insight. It had both irredeemable and redeeming qualities

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The Uncanny Counter returned with a charming and stunning 2nd season

Season 2 is an underrated gem. It's a new story with new conflicts and dynamics to watch on its own. The counters navigate a falling out with their firefighter friend. So Moon moves forward and grows stronger for his uncanny family. Jeok Bong's funny clumsiness carries the counters through the darkest times. And So Moon and Ha Na shine bright with their younger brother/older sister dynamic

I would have loved to see Gelly, Wong Yeok and Pil Kwang join the counters or the Yung territory flow through So Moon's body. Season 2 could have adapted the part of the webtoon where So Moon, the Yung territory that he is, casts out spirits without having to summon them. But I'm satisfied with the Yung tears So Moon sheds for Ju Seok. They are a sign of his pure heart and strength

The humor, action and level-headed storytelling mesh well together and have plenty of room to breathe. I'm not overwhelmed or frustrated

Retaining the jovial charm of season 1, the 2nd season is a seamless, breezy watch

The uncanny family, thank you for your hard work. I will miss you ☺️

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