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asmirasy - Xiao Fan


asmirasy - Xiao Fan

Hello, you can call me Mira or by my chinese name, Fan. I am 22 years old in this 2021 and from Malaysia. Currently ongoing my internship which will be ended by 28th January 2022 for my bachelor degree's final year. Wish me luck! You are free to be my friend and sending me message! I'm really looking forward to my inbox, so do hit me!

K-pop fan since 2008.
K-drama fan since 2008.
C-drama fan since 2011.
Thriller fan of K-drama.
Wuxia/Xianxia fan of C-drama.
Least into K-drama Rom-Com.
Big NO to Horror movie.

          My Ratings Value:          
not yet updated or dropped i didn't rate a drama/movie that i dropped
       1 - 3       
poor & weak (storyline & characters) - i usually avoid giving this rating
       4 - 5       
below average - you can skip watching it, not worth your time
       6 - 7       
hit or miss (average) - not everyone's cup of tea, can be ur fav or just ur nah
recommended (good) - a good watch in terms of characters and storyline
must watch (best & great) - almost perfect & definitely worth your time
excellent or special (masterpiece or just holds a special place in my heart) 
a big must watch and highly recommend! your ranking may be lower than mine 
but it definitely will make u satisfied and happy to come across this!
Why I have lots in my Currently Watching list?:
1. I just/also add dramas that I planned to watch next on my CW as to not forget it and watch something else because I'm easily indulged with temptation to do so.
2. At least 7-10 (and maybe more) are a TV Show as I really love watching it especially a competition, survival, variety show!

3. I watching many drama at one time as I cannot watch solely one drama till finish because my watching depends on my current mood and feeling and thus the drama I'll watching also depends on what type, story/plot, genre or/and actor/actress of the drama itself.

Reason(s) I dropped a drama: 
1. The story predictable on how it will goes and process, and end. 
2. Got excited but unfortunately the genre, vibe just can't get me. 
3. Below my expectation. 
4. I just cannot pass first few episodes, no matter how hard I tried.
5. I got boring.


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