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One Boat, One World chinese drama review
Abandonados 28/43
One Boat, One World
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by Jack Dere
Abr 10, 2021
28 of 43 episódios vistos
Abandonados 1
No geral 7.0
História 7.0
Atuação/Elenco 8.0
Musical 10.0
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It would be a great drama series if the script were better written for the female lead.

1. From episodes 1-28, I was patiently watching and hoping the script for the lead actress would change for better. Disappointed. They made her acting "dumb' and then 'dumber' as the episodes proceed. No matter how sincere her intentions were, one can only garner so much sympathy for the character. Breaking of the picture frame was excusable. The script writer must have a brain fart attempting to justify breaking one's glass door after being told do not touch anything in the rooms. The last act, taking responsibilities for the tour bus death in court only exposes her immaturity and inaptness. In real life, this person would be in a psycho asylum for evaluation. 2. I am hoping this drama series is not intends to highlight China's emergence into the cruising industries. There are heart warming stories in each episode but also exposed the culture (or lack of), and the crude mentality of the "New" found middle to upper class of Chinese citizens. Case in point, you will never see any other culture would gang up cruise officials like Shanghai dock mobsters every time when something went wrong. You will never see patience's family accusing the ship doctor while their son is being treated. Fortunately, no part of the series show 3,000 wildly passengers dining at the buffet during lunch hours. I had to misfortune to encounter and endured a 12-day back- to-back cruise with Royal Caribbean from Singapore to Shanghai. There were mostly Chinese tour groups, other groups included Japanese, Korean, Malaysia, and locals came on board from Singapore. But the Chinese groups were the most rude. They do not follow any protocol, common courtesy, or manners. They cut in front of several 100's of people waiting on the serving line and press their plate at the server and demanded to be served. Others start at the oppose end and holding the rest of diners from moving through the line. From the reaction of incidents such as delayed departures and accusation against ship officers only replicate and confirm what was truth during that cruise. They took that wet market-junkyard dog mentality on full display onboard an international cruise ship. Confucius is rolling in his grave.
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