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Jun 29, 2023
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An epitome of 'healthy mains relationship'!

This is my first time writing a review for any show, so please bear with me. I have loved this show so much that I just couldn't help myself but write a review on how good this show is! And also, I am not a native English speaker, so please ignore grammar mistakes if I've made any.

Often times when I watch any show, I just care about the main couple and don't give a damn about whatever happens to the side couple/character(s), but here, it's a completely different story. I had the same amount of interest in every character's storyline, if not more. There were no major misunderstandings between the main couple, no draggy plot, no bad or forced acting, no dubbing of their voices either, they were all using their real voices, which is very rare in cdramas. I am writing only good things about this drama because, in my eyes, this show doesn't have any flaws.

The friend group — I adore the strong bond that they have among their group. They are the type of friends who are so silly yet so pure, who will pull your leg at any given chance but will not hesitate to stand by your side in the times of crisis. What makes this friend group so special is that it feels real and you can relate to them in so many ways.

Guan Fang & Grandma — Though his character doesn't have any direct affect on the storyline, I still enjoyed his part too. He's just your normal side character who's there just to add a little element of comedy to the storyline. What I liked about him is his relationship with his grandma, grandma Guan. They had an amazing grandson-grandma relationship. Moreover, I loved that part where they are all gathered in Guan Fang's house and they practise their play in front of grandma.

Gu Ran & Jiang Jia — I admit that during the first few episodes I was not vibing with their storyline, but as the show continued, I became more and more interested in their story too. Although they had a very typical, not so unique storyline, I enjoyed every bit of their story because of the way they presented it. You already know what will happen but you still don't get bored of them or their storyline.

Zang Lu Rang & Su Zai Zai — Finally, our main couple, if you still haven't guessed it, yes, this is my favourite pairing of 2023. Zang Lu Rang is shy, kind of introverted and burdened by his mother's expectations - a somewhat lost kid. On the other hand, Su Zai Zai is straightforward, free-minded, carefree and bubbly. Su Zai Zai helps him open up and makes him believe in himself. Their growth from complete strangers to friends to lovers felt so natural and real. Their relationship development was neither rushed nor too slow-paced. The highlight of their relationship is that there were no major misunderstandings or big fights over meaningless topics. One thing I loved about Su Zai Zai is she was so straightforward and at times sassy in handling issues and would solve things out with Zang Lu Rang before it becomes bigger issue. Furthermore, their scenes together were filled with all the cuteness and my face would light up with happiness every time I'd see them together!

So, if you love a good romantic youth/idol drama with a good storyline and great acting or you're feeling down and want to lighten up the mood or you're just looking for a good light hearted rom-com drama that you can binge on, then this drama is definitely for you!

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Jazz for Two
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de NAY
Mar 30, 2024
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No geral 6.5
História 6.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Musical 8.5
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It went from excellent to bad to worse in no time.

Let me start off by saying I really dig Korean BLs because they usually have simple plots, which is pretty much the standard most of the time (don't take this as a negative; I'm complimenting). That's exactly why I was so excited to watch this series. For the first five episodes? Solid 9.0 or 9.5, no doubt. But man, did things take a turn for the worse in the last 2-3 episodes. By the time episode 7 rolled around, I was just trying to finish it off, not because I was excited, but more because I'd already invested so much time into it.

Let's talk about Se Heon and Do Yoon for a sec. These guys seem to have a talent for picking the biggest red flags around (Yes, Tae Yi is a major red flag; argue with the wall). Do Yoon's whole "I'll still love you even if you bully me" with Joo Ha? What stupidity! Then there's Se Heon, who forgives Tae Yi way too quickly after he S/A him. I mean, even if you want to argue that it wasn't the case, Tae Yi's response was not how a normal, rational person would react.

I gave it an overall rating of 6.5 because I don't rate any series below 5, and for the most part, it was enjoyable. It started off strong but dropped the ball towards the end. Let's just say it left me scratching my head. Honestly, I was hoping for A LOT better.

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de NAY
Mai 16, 2024
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No geral 9.5
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
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"Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again."

This drama is a one-of-a-kind experience that truly stands out. The actors gave phenomenal performances by portraying the characters and capturing the mannerisms of the BTS members with remarkable accuracy. Their dedication and attention to detail made the characters come alive, adding depth and authenticity to the story.

Although it spans only 12 episodes, some viewers might find the plot occasionally draggy. However, for those who appreciate slow-paced dramas, this could be a positive thing. Personally, I found the pacing enjoyable, as it allowed for a more thorough exploration of the storyline. Plus, I had a personal attachment to the storyline (it reminded me of the old times when I used to draw flow charts trying to solve the BU mystery ?).

One of the best things about this drama is how it sticks to the original storyline, which fans like me will definitely appreciate. The flawed characters blend harmoniously, crafting a drama that feels genuine and raw. It's what makes this drama feel so... authentic, you know? Perfectly imperfect, just like life itself.

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