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You from the Future chinese drama review
You from the Future
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by Le Ho
Ago 14, 2023
24 of 24 episódios vistos
No geral 6.0
História 6.0
Atuação/Elenco 6.0
Musical 4.0
Voltar a ver 4.0
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Mediocre drama with mediocre plot and acting skills from the entire cast.

"You From the Future" is a RomCom drama with a total of 24 episodes and 30 minutes in length per episode.

The Synopsis: Xia Mo is a recent college graduate who dreams of becoming a popular blogger and gets into a girlfriend living together contract with a cold and arrogant tech company CEO Shen Jun Yao. Their romance blossom while living together in the same house with the help of an AI robot named "Starlight."

Lou Zheng is definitely being typed cast in playing the same cold, arrogant, and into contract-romance with FL in so many. Modern dramas that it is repetitive. His acting ability is one-dimension with no range. Ji Mei Han seems like a newcomer to the entertainment business since 2020; let's hope she has better potential than Lou Zheng.

Overall, it is a mediocre drama with decent but predictable flows. I give it a 6.0 rating because the plot is okay, the acting is mediocre, and the production quality is not great. Too white. The ending was no good and the lost brother story was an unnecessary filler.
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